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Good Vibes Juice 100% Organic Immunity + Energy Booster

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FUSED with a potent blend of raw superfoods, Good Vibes Immunity + Energy Booster is a quick and powerful way to assist your natural defenses. Elderberry, Soursop, Ginger and Dandelion, four superfoods praised for their wellness boosting properties, combine with a soothing blend of fruit juices. Take one or more shots daily.

Why do we flash freeze our products? It locks in the fresh flavors, all the nutrients and enzymes, and lets you enjoy them whenever you want.

INGREDIENTS: elderberry syrup, lemon juice, dry ginger, triple-filtered water, peppermint leaves, soursop juice, organic stevia. *ORGANIC INGREDIENTS

Customer Reviews

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Two months using this product and after years off suffering from menstrual cramps, I didn't even realize I didn't have any PMS this past cycle. It gives you enery, regulates BM and curbs my appetite. Great service, quality product and absolutely pleased with my results. Just gained a loyal customer. 🤗🤗

Man oh man the seamoss is doing wonders on my skin and my energy. I love it so much the taste is good too !

Seamoss saving me once again 🙏🏿 Thank-you so much SudaNatural💕

Friends have seen a difference in my actions and looks. More energy and radiance. From my perspective... I used this product for a while, and then stopped taking it for three weeks. Believe me, I could really feel the difference. My skin was drier, I felt more susceptible to catching colds from coworkers, and my energy wasn't the same, just to name a few. Needless to say, I am back on this mineral/vitamin boost. You should try it too. The taste is challenging for some, but you will know from it that this product is authentic. Get past the taste and get the minerals and vitamins that have been depleted from our soil and foods.

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